About Us
UCW is a non-profit organization with the driving goal to build mutual alliances as well nurture and encourage young entrepreneurs to gain solemn stand in society. Our utmost dedication is to provide platform to stabilize young entrepreneurs with a chance to utilize their potentials to the fullest, we are determined to synergize with any organization that would share and practice mutual ambition to result in achieving the goals.

1.To become the world's major platform to create opportunity for young entrepreneurs.
2.To become a major benchmark for synergizing business alliance and network.
3.To empower members to gain business opportunities and strength in order to practice self-reliance.
4.Members are able to diversity through attraction of skills, technical cooperation, resource integration which minimize business risk.

To be recognized as the leading commerce chamber with an international perspective. To bring all entrepreneurs on one platform and to develop their entrepreneurial skills for the betterment of the economy and empowering young entrepreneurs in the business world.