Chapter Three: Membership
Article Seven: The members of UCW include individual members, company members and association members.
Article Eight: Those who apply to join the association must satisfy the following requirements:
  1. Uphold the constitution of UCW.
  2. Desire to join the association.

Article Nine: Procedures for the members to join the association:
  1. Complete and send an application form.
  2. Have the agreement of the council or standing council.
  3. The member card issued by the secretary of department.

Article Ten: The Members of UCW have the following rights:
  1. Enjoying the facilities of UCW with the discretion of the board of directors.
  2. Gaining VIP access in acquiring the services of UCW with the discretion of the board of directors.
  3. Have the right to raise criticism and suggestions to the board of directors.
  4. The member of UCW should be free to detach from the association upon.

Article Eleven: The Members of UCW must carry out the following obligations:
  1. Observe the resolutions of UCW.
  2. Uphold the legitimate rights and interests of UCW.
  3. Fulfill tasks assigned by UCW commissioners.
  4. Paying membership fees in accordance with rules& regulations.
Article Twelve: The Members must give a written notice to UCW if they decide to withdraw and hand back their membership certificates. If any member of UCW fails to pay membership fees or attend the activities of UCW for one (1) year, it will be deemed as an act of voluntary withdrawal from the organization.
Article Thirteen: Constitution violation results in named member(s) being expunged from UCW if the board of directors or the standing board votes through.