UCW Award Advisor
Dr. Ray Pour

I am truly delighted to have had a chance in taking apart in the meaningful and honorable UCW Award Ceremony. Indeed, this Ceremony has created a valuable platform for all of the successful business developers and entrepreneurs to share their momentum and pass their triumph onwards, for a sustainable market's pillars are built on the shoulder of these assets. With this aim in mind, UCW Award ceremony paves the way for all of these talented minds to be cherished, recognized and acknowledged in the noblest way possible.

The term "UCW" is built upon five elements known as leadership, compatibility, practicality, responsiveness and creditability. It represents all of the gifted business developers who have contributed to a more competent marketplace and brought forth a massive change in the global industry. In fact, UCW recognition awards has no borders; it simply acknowledges any successful leader or influential business developer that has made outstanding progression from all around the world. Furthermore, it aims at the individuals who have appeared as legendary leaders and who have impelled the supremacy of being a true director. Ones who have built an empire of success and have made a huge stance for themselves; ones who have fueled the ignition of prosperity and affluence. Simply put, all individuals of this nature belong to the enormous and respected UCW family. A name that mirrors a consistent perspective and a vast vista.

It is hoped that throughout this invaluable Ceremony, We Would be able to instigate a prevailed approach towards attracting more potentials to be conceded and recognized. I am absolutely confident that Malaysia will continue to support, train and flourish more of these valuable laureates for a better tomorrow. And for a better future.